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Mobile & Console Game Development

We have a young and creative Game Development team which works on titles across multiple platforms. Our titles have totally crossed over 3 Million Downloads and have been in top 5 downloaded charts in many countries

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Virtual Reality Applications

We are pioneers in Indian Virtual Reality Industry. We have one of the best VR portfolios in the country. Our VR works are mainly on Gaming , Real Estate and Simulations. We have worked with fortune 500 companies and have helped them to understand V-R technology

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Motion Capture Solution (Full Body)

We are one of the very few providers of highly Accurate and low latency Motion Capture solutions for full body including face and fingers.

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Industrial Solution & Application Development

We have a highly experienced Mobile App development team for multiple platforms. We strictly follow the UI and UX standards and render out an awesome user experience. Our design first approach set us apart from our competitors

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We do what we do because we Love it!

Gamasome is an experienced and creative team of experts in Game and Mobile application development that provides bleeding edge technology solutions with 100% satisfaction. We work on 2016's flagship devices such as Oculus Rift and Leap Motion. Our Primary area of expertise are: Virtual Reality Games and Utility Apps for Oculus Rift integrated with Leap Motion sensors; Mobile Virtual reality Google Cardboard Apps; Mobile and PC Game development using Unity and Unreal Engine; Mobile eCommerce retail App and website development; Mobile Uber like Apps; Mobile News App with GCM integration; 3D Modelling, Rigging, Animation and Rendering; Server Back-end PHP and MySql Coding

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