India’s first ever Oculus Rift Event

The first ever Indian Oculus Rift Event

The Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset is all over the internet right now. After all, it is valued at over 2 Billion dollars! However, when you ask a random techie about the Oculus Rift in India the response would usually be somewhere along the lines of a blank stare followed by a "What?". Seeing this, we immediately wanted to bring awareness about such an innovation in the country. Gamasome was working with proven logic on an Oculus rift demo project and we people came up with an idea of a networking event in Bengaluru, named the Drink-Pitch-Network on Jan 10th, 2015.  

Startup dope decided to host the event. We were overwhelmed with joy about the event and everyone could prepare for their role very well, thanks to the startup dope's founders. To make the event interesting startup dope planned to make it a startup pitching event. After a brainstorming session, we'd decided that Startup dope will choose 4 startups to pitch in the event and all the folks attending the event will be given a pitch coin. After all 4 have presented, the people can pitch their coin for their favorite pitch. The startup which scores the most coins will be promoted in social media to the equivalent amount. So with this concept we prepared ourselves for the Oculus demos. We shipped 3 oculus rifts to India for display in this event.

We demonstrated three apps on the event. The first being Virtual Reality experience of a hospital which we made in unity3D, taking 14 days to finish the app by our team. It is a role playing first person experience demo where we will be able to walk through  a highly advanced hospital reception and research lab.

The second experience demo was of riding a Helix roller coaster, which was the first experience demo I had seen with the Oculus Rift in my life. It was a hilarious sight watching people view the experience demo, with a few of them so immersed they fell down!.

The third was of riding a Space Coaster - A most stomach grumbling demo of Oculus that I'd ever seen, with some people ending up in tears even!

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