July 9, 2016



Zakati is an RTS game developed for Dubai Government to promote the good cause of ZAKATI.


United Warfare is a 3rd Person/ 1st Person Online Multiplayer Shooter  made using Unreal Engine. Realistic, Immersive Graphics for a great gaming experience formed the focus of this project.

Real Estate Visualisation

Real Estate Visualization is a Virtual Reality Oculus Rift Experience that showcases the experience of an Office Hall.  

3D Traffic Racer Twisted

3D Traffic Racer Twisted is a 3D racing game made in Unity3D for android and iOS. It features Curved shader illusions within its graphics to further immerse the user into the gameplay.

Real Estate Visualisation-(PC & MAC)

A PC and MAC version of the Virtual Office hall experience. 

Super Ninja Battle

Fight against the konoha ninjas in this epic battle game . Have countless hours of fun battling ninjas using physical attacks and ninjutsus against your opponents . Take advantage of the terrain and maneuver your character to battle for glory .

Shinobi Battle Dash

SHINOBI BATTLE DASH is an 2D side scrolling platformer made using LibGDX game engine for android and iOS.

Wattle Quest

Wattle Quest is a Flappy bird clone for iOS and Android made using the LibGDX game engine.

Flapping Bird

Flapping Bird is another flappy bird clone  for android and iOS made using LibGDX Engine.

Pirates of Carebbian – Catch the Beer

Pirates of Caribbean - Catch the Beer is an 2D Fixed camera Survival game made using LibGdx game engine for android and iOS

Baby Balloons

Baby Balloons is a 2D Fixed camera tapping game where you simply burst balloons! Developed using the LibGDX game Engine for Android and iOS.

Assassin Rush

Test your assassin reflexes to the extreme with this high speed 2D runner...attack/dodge enemies collect scrolls to reach the next level. You control Kakashi(yes, THE Kakashi!) with the screen, and use your sharingan(small red eye on the bottom right) to electrify your enemies to dust!

Ninja Battle Rush V2

Dash through the world of the Shinobi in "Naruto Battle Rush v2".- Jump, Attack and flip around! Defy gravity ! Collect coins , avoid enemy ninjas and their ninjitsus. Transform into Kyubi mode and use the cursed seal!

INSTRUCTIONS: Press the up button to jump. Press the bi-direction button to change gravity. Attack enemies to increase chakra and avoid their weapons and jujitsus. Double tap the screen or press the rage button to transform into the player's respective super mode (eg:- Kyubi mode , Cursed seal , 8 Gates etc) and gain temporary invincibility! New characters,features and stages are to be added soon . Stay tuned.

Burning Racer

Drive till you drop in Burning Racer. In this fast paced Driving game, your goal is to accelerate and drive as fast as you can while avoiding Trucks , motor bikes , and other cars. Use the accelerator to steer the car with simple controls . Get the power ups to aid you in your driving quest .Power ups change the mode of the car to grant temporary invincibility .Power ups include : Ghost mode, Flight mode and many more! Unleash chaos into the world and achieve the high score. Do rate the game to support future updates .